2020 Newsletter

2020 MacDougall FriendsnFamily Christmas Newsletter

Merry Christmas Everybody.  2020 lockdowns, cancellations, disruptions, and the painful sickness and loss of life makes us appreciate our FriendsnFamily even more this Holiday Season. 

We have all changed our lives and rhythms this year.  We hope to brighten your day slightly by sharing our 2020 with you.

One of the ways we made it through 2020 disruptions was through laughter at the nonsense while maintaining the Family and Holiday Traditions that we cherish including finding and decorating our Christmas Tree.   

Merry Christmas!

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We started 2020 innocently with a quick trip to Palm Desert with Sister Polly and Brother In-Law Brad for a good friend’s 60th Bday party.  Sharon and Sandy then embarked on a Couples Trip to Cabo San Lucas for a Reunion with UCLA Friends Mark Burns, David Obbage and Michael Slater and wives/girlfriends.  

Polly and Brad
Tom Perrier's Frank Sinatra Party
Sandy, Obbs, Burnout, Tez
Cabo Golf

Following Cabo we journeyed to Vail, Colorado for incredible skiing and super fun  vacation including ice skating and strolling with Cousin Katie, Jim and Cassie Kellen.  

Katie and Jim Kellen
Harbor View Moms, celebrating Rebecca's Birthday, Sharon, Natilie, Julie Means, Rebecca and Denise

Sandy coached and Nicholas played Bronco Baseball, Lexie sang beautifully at the Corona Del Mar Middle School Choir Performance.  Life was normal, we rode bikes, went to visit Harbor View Mom friends, and trekked to Mammoth for Sledding on empty slopes  and came home to watch Doogie frolick on the beach.  

Fun to Ski Together as a Family
Then Covid 19 Hit! What in the World?
Covid 2020 taught us to trust God, adapt, adjust and move forward positively. 
We rolled into the Covid Lockdown with biking trips to Crystal Cove and hikes to Little Corona.
We still enjoyed family time at our CDM Village Home doing projects, and utilizing the alley space for outside catch, hoops, ping pong, and Doogie Races.  We stayed safe and we stayed sane by golfing and walking  to the beach
NBCC Graduation Ceremony for Lexie
The MacDougall’s watched Lexie graduate from Corona Del Mar Middle School. Lexie sang a beautiful rendition of Rise Up at the NBCC Graduation Ceremony.  
Lexie now attends Mater Dei High School and  loves swimming and plays Golf and  Tennis with a wicked Forehand
Lexie also spends time serving the Community through Mariners Church
Bruin Woods 2
Bruin Woods Week 10 Friends
We visited Cousin Nicole’s in Dana Point for a Lexie Graduation  party.
Sharon visited her old roommates for a girls trip in Temecula and had close friend Janet visit from Dallas. 
Former Roommates and Friends: Linda, Rosemary, Sandy, Nancy and Sharon
We then suddenly found an opening at the UCLA Bruin Woods Resort in early summer and jumped at the chance to reunite with Week 10 friends.  
Sharon and Janet
Sandy gets to walk Nicholas to school as a 6th Grader at Harbor View Elementary.  These walks create memories and foundation beyond reproach.  Nicholas waterskied at Calico Lake and plays on the Newport Rays Baseball Team.  We celebrated “Nicho’s” 12th Birthday at Crystal Cove and in the Green Room”
Nicholas' Friends
Nicholas's 12th Birthday Party
We found additional Covid relief by floating in the Newport Bay, and boogie boarding at local beaches including Emerald Bay .
Lexie and Friends
Sharon championed many of our causes and supported the California Patriots movement vociferously.  
Sharon speaking at the Open Our Schools Rally at Big Corona
Sharon and Patriot Friends
Sharon Continues to amaze everyone. She is extremely caring with Neighbors and friends and exceeds at Golf and Tennis. Sharon performs tireless drop-offs and pickups, and these moments where the Parents are present will hopefully engrave character traits forever. 
Trump 2020 and Recall Newsom Bike Ride Rally
Congressman Matt Gaetz
We had fun at various Political events in 2020 including Fundraisers for Congressman and TrumpTilla Boat Parades where thousands of Boats, Surfers, Stand Up Paddlers and Tube riders cruised in support of our President.
Nicholas and Lexie Tubing at Trumptilla
Michele Babock, Sandy, Sharon, Mark Paz and Carla Paz at the Trump Rally
A highlight of the Year included the Trump visit to Newport Beach.  Regardless of the Election outcome, we enjoyed our Patriotic exuberance, camaraderie and support.  
Sandy fought through a few minor injuries this year and kept a somewhat level head by getting outside with the family for kayaking, tennis and golf. 

Happy Holidays!

Fortunately, Sandy could still go to the office at Mortgage Vintage and CrowdTrustDeed this year.  As with the entire society, the pandemic created many winners and losers.  
Many borrowers enjoyed increasing value of their properties while other borrower’s business’ were forced to shut down and struggled to make their loan payments.  Where possible, our able team including Mayumi and Justine Bowers provided assistance and Forbearance.  
Sandy continued to serve on the California Mortgage Association (CMA)  Board of Directors and contributed on the Education Committee.  Sandy assisted with a number of Virtual Seminars and helped CMA maintain and grow its Mission of providing Education, Advocacy and Resources For Private Money Lenders

Ho Ho Ho!

We spent Thanksgiving in Palm Desert and as we cruised into the Holidays, Lexie gave a Life Update .  
Thanksgiving at Malabata, Palm Desert
Living Desert "WildLights"
Nicholas as "Dwight" and Lexie the Hippie
Traditions make Holidays and our lives Special.  While we endured many cancellations this year to our routines, we found new moments to celebrate the joy of Christmas and birth of our Savior.  
We know The MacDougall’s including Doogie are supporting you and your family this Holiday Season.  We pray for your health and prosperity. 
We cherished a normal Christmas Eve at Newport Beach CC which will hopefully start a trend to fewer closures and more fun with FriendsnFamily.
We hope you have enjoyed our FriendsnFamily Newsletter.  We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and New Year filled with happiness, Christmas Carols, love and laughter!  
Sandy, Sharon, Lexie, Nicholas and Doogie MacDougall 

Time is ticking for 2021


See You Next Year