2010 Newsletter

Sharon, Sandy, Lexie and Nicholas’ FriendsnFamily Newsletter 2010

We started the year with a ski trip to Mammoth Mountain. Sledding, and Snowman building made us laugh out loud while Lexie Skiing provided good entertainment. We spent a weekend in Palm Desert for fun in the sun and enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt here in CDM. In June, our family travelled to Hawaii. We hooked up with Aunt Polly and Uncle Brad on Oahu followed by a swim filled trip to the Big Island.

Throughout the year we enjoyed the “Stroller Life” in Corona Del Mar where we get to walk to most destinations. We spent many an hour just hanging around at the local park, beach or coffee shop.

We are extremely fortunate to get our exercise as a family on our early morning walks to Little Corona Beach. We explore, find sea shells, Tide Pool wildlife and get to appreciate nature from our “Favorite Spot”.

Summertime brought a visit from the Lyon family and we all shared a weekend in San Diego. We watched Henry’s soccer games, went to the San Diego Zoo and enjoyed family time.

Over Labor Day we travelled to Calico Lake for Jimmy Buffet and Reggae music care of Smitty’s Pandora, water sports and Pirate Island exploring. Lexie Water-skied behind a Jet Ski for the first time and Nicholas forced the host to empty the Jacuzzi.

During the Fall Sharon and Sandy ventured to the UCLA vs. Texas Football game in Austin, Tx. We invested time with many Sigma Nu’s and other UCLA Alumni and enjoyed a healthy breakfast hosted by Cousin Lorn and Alain. In October, we received a visit from Grandparents Olavi and Sue Wirkki and our entire clan went to Disneyland where Lexie got to share thespotlight with Guess who?

After a fun Halloween, Thanksgiving in Palm Desert with Nicole and family, many FriendsnFamily joined us for our annual CDM Christmas Walk Party and before we knew it, Christmas is here. Nicholas rode his new Buzz Light Year Bicycle and Lexie jumped for joy over her Barbie, Hello Kitty and Princess toys.

On the career front, Sharon started her own company called Remote Workforce Consultants. Remote Workforce Consultants specializes in consulting on the development and implementation strategies for corporate telecommuterprograms. Remote Workforce Consultants provides companies and their teleworkers with manageable and enhanced remote office tools that increase worker productivity, reduce corporate real estate consumption, reduce carbon emissions and minimize liability.

After two years of spearheading and growing the company, Sandy, in October, purchased Mortgage Vintage, Inc. from his partners. Mortgage Vintage, Inc. connects people who want to invest money secured by real estate with people who want to borrow money. Sandy underwrites loans carefully and creates successful investments by applying his 30 years of financial services, real estate brokerage, mortgage underwriting, vendor management, origination and mortgage process software expertise. Today, Mortgage Vintage, Inc. originates equity protected, low Loan-to-Value Trust Deeds (mortgages) that provide 10% to 13.5% returns for investors. Mortgage Vintage has a number of high quality Trust Deeds for sale right now ranging from $50k to $250k. If you are interested in earning over 10% annually in a non-correlated (not related to stock market volatility)investment, please call Sandy or visit our website’s Available Notes section.

Lexie is now 4 1/2 and is attending Pre-School at United Methodist. Nicholas is now 2 1/2 and loves to wrestle, shoot hoops and play in the park. One of the memorable things about parenting is the “milestones” that our children progress through. Whether Monkey Bar Climbing at Mariners Church, saying a simple sentence, making a first basket, or riding a bike for the first time, we cherish these precious moments in time

We hope you have had your own successful “milestones” this year and are blessed with God’s gifts and favors this Christmas. As the late John Wooden said, “Make each day a masterpiece” and “Be Quick, but don’t Hurry”. We hope you have enjoyed this quick look into our lives but spent a moment to laugh. Although our lives are far from masterpiece status, we enjoy every day, appreciate FriendsnFamily, try to help others and count our blessings every day. Please keep us up to date on your family. We would love to hear from you! Until Next Year…

Live, Love, Laugh,

Sharon, Sandy, Lexie and Nicholas MacDougall