2006 Newsletter


Christmas Greetings from our house to yours and Welcome to our FriendsnFamily 2006 Christmas Newsletter.

We hope this letter finds our friendsnfamily in good spirits and health. Wow, has the world wide web changed since we started publishing these newsletters on friendsnfamily.com many years ago! Family websites are a commonplace now and we have begun to complement our use of Friendsnfamily.com with The FamilyPost.com (www.thefamilypost.com). During this years newsletter, you will see underlined text which is a hyperlink to a slide show of that event. Click on the underlined text and view as much or as little of our 2006 as you like. Click on the browser back button to get back to our newsletter.

Every year, more and more Americans are enjoying the benefits of a high speed internet connection. Hopefully you have either DSL or Cable and are using this high speed to read this newsletter.

God blessed us when we gave birth to Alexandra Shelton MacDougall on May 14th, 2006. We are now proud parents and other than being a little sleep deprived are enjoying every moment with “Lexie”. Her smiles and laughter light up our days and make us look freshly upon our lives. If you have a moment and need a Christmas chuckle, click on the following link and check out Lexie Laughing.

On the career front both Sandy and Sharon continue to work from the home office ,with the help from our Nanny Marisol, and successfully develop business for and Kimball Office.

During the first part of the year Sharon enjoyed one baby shower at Sue Pursche’s house and another at Anna Liese’s. Our friends were very generous and every day when we dress Lexie in an outfit or wrap her in a blanket we received, we appreciate our special friendships.

Soon after Lexie ‘s birth, Olavi and Sue Wirkki visited. They enjoyed meeting their first grandchild. We spent quality time bonding with Sharon’s parents who very rarely make it to the west coast. Sharon’s long time friend Cathy Russell also came to see Lexie.

During the summer Sandy traveled to Lake Tahoe for the 20th Annual Judge Smails Memorial Invitational. Sandy and his partner Tom Perrier finished comfortably in the middle of the pack but had a great time reminiscing and having fun with the boys.

In September, we held a fun 40th Birthday Party for Sharon at Aliso Creek Golf Course in Laguna Beach. We all played a little golf, fellowshipped and found out a little more about our lovely Sharon during the slide show.

Sandy and Sharon cheered the Bruin Football team on in 2006 attending a number of games at the Rose Bowl. Sandy showed his Bruin loyalty by traveling to South Bend to watch UCLA play Notre Dame . Sandy experienced the nostalgia and history of one of the storied programs in college football. Touchdown Jesus was in fact looking down as the Irish rallied in the last minute and scored the winning touchdown on a miraculous pass play between two All Americans. Here Sandy is pictured in front of Notre Dame Stadium with Bruin faithful John Gebhardt, David Obbage and Mark Burns.

In November the MacDougall’s flew to Oahu to visit Brad and Polly Oliver and to Kona for some R&R and a first vacation with Lexie. We spent time as a family (awake when we were supposed to be sleeping and sleeping during awake hours) and were able to still get in our tennis, golf and swimming (just not as much).

Our Step Dad Bob Alshuler passed away in late November. Luckily for us, Bob entered our lives in 1972 when he married my mom after a golfing blind date. Bob’s Obituary says it all. Bob guided us through life with his humble leadership, wisdom and humor. He gave us exposure to the wonderful Alshuler family that we remain very close to. Bob instilled a value for friendsnfamily that we will always remember.

We continued tradition and held this years Alshuler Christmas party at the MacDougall’s . We are so fortunate to have these family moments to strengthen our spirit with the love and support from each other.

If you do not yet have a place online to store and share your digital photos, videos, directory and additional family info, you may want to consider creating your own family website at www.thefamilypost.com. We are finding more and more uses for this affordable website every day.

Today on Christmas we reflect on God’s blessings in our lives. We thank you for your Christmas Cards and letters where we get to share in your memories. We hope you all have a healthy and prosperous 2007. Until next year, bye neow:


Sharon, Sandy, Lexie and Frazier MacDougall