2008 Newsletter

Sharon, Nicholas, Lexie and Sandy’s FriendsnFamily Newsletter 2008

Christmas Greetings FriendsnFamily! The Corona Del Mar MacDougall’s are healthy, happy and enjoying our growing family during this 2008 Christmas season. We always get a kickout of communicating our yearly happenings to you through our 5th Annual Online FriendsnFamily Newsletter. Please remember that you can click on any of the underlined words in this newsletter to link to the associated webpage, photo album slide show or video.

We continue to use and appreciate our own family website at www.thefamilypost.com/macdougallfamily. If you are having trouble viewing thefamilypost.com website, you might need to download Adobe Flash Player. In addition to sharing and archiving our photo albums, videos, and family memories, at our family website on TheFamilyPost.com, this year we started our own MacDougall Family Tree. Please check it out at and if you are somehow related to our dispersed, wild and not always politically correct family, click on your picture and fill out any missing information about you or your branch of the tree!

2008 brought a wonderful new addition to the MacDougall household – Nicholas Olavi MacDougall. Sharon did not miss a beat during her pregnancy and our happy Nicholas arrived into this world at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach on August 26, 2008 and weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz. We feel blessed, fortunate and thankful to God for this bundle of joy.

Sandy left the security of Corporate America to start his own company, 14e Capital Advisors, with two ambitious and talented partners, Anand and Sanjay. Sandy met Anand and Sanjay at his previous company and they share a passion to succeed and complementary mortgage, technology and analytical expertise. 14e offers residential whole loan mortgage valuation, proactive loss mitigation and portfolio management services that reduce loan losses and increase operational efficiency.

The term “14e” signifies that from Newport Beach, CA, True North is 14 Degrees East of Magnetic North on a compass. True North, of course, symbolizing the direction 14e customers would like to follow to achieve success.

Sharon continues to work with Kimball Office where she successfully sold anumber of large Western Regional Strategic Accounts this year. Sharon is excited about Kimball’s new contemporary HUM workstation and private office product which offers her potential clients an open, collaborative and organized work environment.

While we did not travel as much in 2008 as in previous years, our family experiences are more bountiful than ever. In March we joined Allan and Annie MacDougall (Sandy’s Brother) and their family in Lake Powell for a week of house boating, water skiing and exploring in a majestic desert and lake setting. Lexie and her cousins Lizzie and Jamie danced , swam, hiked and hunted for Easter Eggs.

Sandy captured the Newport Beach CC. Club Championship for his flight and travelled on the Annual Cinco-de-Mayo Golf trip which this year landed in Borrego Springs, CA. In June, Sandy joined Tony Lyon, Mike Scanlon and Steve Patterson for a once in a lifetime 4 day golf trip to Mayacama in Sonoma, CA and Cypress Point. In the fall Sandy competed in the 10th annual Vineyard Classic Tennis Tournament in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Sharon did not have it too bad during Sandy’s boys trips as she got to enjoy the company ofLexie. Lexie loves daily walks, baths. swimming, Elmo, Shrek and dancing to “Skip to my Lou my Darlin” on the Mommy and Me DVD. You should definitely click here for videos to see Lexie in a number of horse riding, pom pom, dancing and other funny adventures.

In addition to Teeter Totter at Mariners Church, one of Lexie’s favorite activities is dressing up like a Disney Princess. She wears all of the Princess Outfits one on top of the other and cherishes her Cinderella shoes. Now she is moving into raiding Sharon’s closet and her 4 inch heels. Watch out!

Our family shared a few fun trips to Palm Desert with the Veski’s and Bob and Brandice Smith. We also travelled to San Diego for a visit to Legoland, Chris Oliver and his new fiance, Jennifer and Aunt Barboo’s and Uncle Roger’s new home in Carlsbad, CA. Summer fun included frequent trips to the beach, a weekend to visit our Cousin Caroline in Santa Barbara and pool visits with the Reedy family.

Sharon’s parents, Olavi and Sue Wirkki, visited from Vermont in the fall and besides appreciating the assistance with Nicholas, we visited Sea World, kayaked and spent quality time with the children.

Sandy’s brother, the Tony and Sandra Lyon Family visited over Thanksgiving and 18 of our FriendsnFamily joined us for Thanksgiving Dinner on Marigold. We played some golf, took walks to Big Corona and watched the cousins romp during a truly thankful holiday.

We are calling this our “Hunkered down Holiday” as we weather the economic storm and prepare for a promising 2009. Sometimes, but not often because we love Camp MacDougall and “all sports all the time”, we just enjoy sitting on the couch in comfort with loved ones (including our Pug Frazier) surrounding us.

We hope you are cherishing your FriendsnFamily, tidings of great joy and God’s gifts this Christmas. Please keep us up to date on your family. We would love to hear from you! Until Next Year…


Sharon, Sandy, Lexie, Nicholas MacDougall